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“We have been implementing Lean now for years, yet we are still not seeing the results we need.” Sound familiar? If so you are not alone. The reason is that most organizations have been implementing Lean as a series of tools focused entirely on their internal production processes. The result: isolated pockets of excellence that aren’t linked, fail to address customer and supplier material and information flows, and aren’t tied to the organization’s overall strategic goals.

Although the “Lean movement” has been running full steam ahead for years, the truth is that many organizations have barely gotten past “Go”. If you believe the time has come to expand your Lean efforts, leverage your current successes, and tie your results to strategic objectives, then you are ready to look beyond your production process and start applying Lean techniques to your overall value chain! This event will show you how.

This event will teach you…
  • How to leverage your TPM equipment reliability improvements
  • How to optimize your overall business performance
  • How to maximize and predict the impact of your value stream improvement efforts
  • How to select the right improvements and implement them in the right sequence
  • How to dramatically reduce costs and speed communication by redesigning scheduling, production control and information flows
  • The rules leaders must live by in order to build a community of associates who are capable of driving improvements
  • How to improve supplier reliability and on-time delivery performance without increasing inventory levels