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A Value Stream Approach to Improvement

New Event. New Format. New Approach.

As a consulting company, it is our job to create next generation products and services to help you solve your problems. And one of the problems facing many organizations today is how to expand the good things they are achieving with Lean in their production processes into their upstream and downstream value chain.

To help with this problem, Productivity Inc. has developed a new four-day workshop focused specifically to continuous process organizations.

Applying Lean to the Value Chain…
…in a continuous process environment*

This event has been developed around a single case study that will take you up and down the supply chain, from suppliers to processes to customers. We will explore supplier and customer relationship management, order fulfillment, demand management, warehousing and distribution, transportation and logistics, and more, all with the goal of optimizing these systems and processes to deliver value to your organization.

A Value Stream Approach to Improvement

During the four-day event, you and fellow participants will assume the role of improvement architect and “live” the process of applying Lean to the overall value chain of a continuous process organization. You will march through a complete value chain improvement, including leadership, business case design, strategy development and deployment, value stream management, planning and scheduling, and maintaining connections with customers and suppliers. Along the way, you will understand the how and where to apply the various Lean techniques to improve your overall value chain and understand the issues and obstacles to watch out for when returning to implement at home.

In today’s economic conditions, we know that the decision to spend money is not an easy one and must be made based on getting a good return on your investment. Applying Lean beyond your production processes will not only reduce costs, but improve capabilities and reduce variability, providing a positive return for your organization. This total immersion event will teach you how.

Join us in New Orleans and discover where most of your improvement opportunities have been hiding. It is an even unlike any you’ve attended in the past.